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Custom House, Kolkata, on the bank of river Hooghly is one of the oldest Custom House in the Country. It’s address is 15/1, Strand Road, Kolkata-700001. The revenue collection for Kolkata Customs(Port) depends mostly on goods imported into and exported through Kolkata Port managed by Kolkata Port Trust which include both Kolkata Dock System and Haldia Dock Complex.


The Port Commissionerate is one of the Commissionerates under the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Kolkata. It is an independent Commissionerate. The jurisdictions of Commissioner (Port) covers 10 Kms on both sides of river Hooghly starting from Kolkata city upto the Sea, which is 100 Kms from Kolkata GPO. Apart from functioning as revenue collecting set-up under the Ministry of Finance and as regulatory wing on behalf of various Government Departments, the Officers of Customs are also required to collect intelligence and conduct investigations relating to certain fraudulent practices indulged in by the unscrupulous members of the trade. In terms of revenue collection, the Customs formation (Port) contributes nearly 85% to 90% of the revenue collected in the zone. There are various departments/Units under this Commissionerate which are as follows :-

  • 1. Netaji Subhas Dock, Kolkata.
  • 2. Kidderpore Docks, Kolkata.
  • 3.Haldia Dock Complex., Haldia.
  • 4. Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
  • 5. Container Freight Stations
    • CWC at Kolkata
    • Balmer Lawrie at Kolkata
    • Century Ply (Sonai) at Kolkata
    • Century Ply (JJP) at Kolkata
    • CONCOR at Kolkata
    • CWC at Haldia
    • A L Logistics at Haldia
    • Apeejay Infralogistics at Haldia
    • Phonex Logistics Private Limited
  • 6. Budge Budge Office and Oil Jetties.
  • Standing Order
  • Office Order
  • Posting Order

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